Your body knows exactly how to achieve total health. It knows how to eliminate disease, how to increase energy, how to boost the immune system and even how to live longer. Every cell in your body instinctively knows how to heal!-

According to medical science, the human body completely renews itself every 7 years! The cornea replaces itself every 24 hours, the skin every 14 days, the blood cells every 90 days, the soft tissue every 6 months, and the dense tissue every 2-7 years. If the body can regenerate itself, why are we sick, in pain and dying of disease? The body's ability to regenerate itself is the healing miracle in all of our DNA - God's gift from the beginning. There is never an excuse for illness, only a lack of understanding how to achieve health.
Masking the problem with drugs isn't the answer, and cutting the body with surgery isn't the answer. Bringing the body back to a place where it can heal and regenerate itself is the answer. Modern medicine says there is no cure, but we disagree!
Your Body Is Capable of Healing Itself
Decades of research, years of experience and thousands of research papers have demonstrated that nutritional imbalance is a key factor in the formation of disease. There are many books, opinions and nutritional programs available to help you reach nutritional balance. It is true that if the body were perfectly balanced on a nutritional level, the body would never become sick or diseased and the body would not age. But it is no longer possible to achieve nutritional balance. You can eat the best home cooked, garden grown, organic diet available, and add the best supplements in the world, but you still won't achieve balance.

Some of you may feel discouraged to hear that nutritional balance is not attainable, but knowing this actually takes a lot of stress away. If you have been trying to live healthy, eat healthy and take good nutritional products, you have put a lot of effort into your health. It is wonderful that you have made these efforts, but I can almost guarantee that you have health issues that are not being resolved. Why is it that the people who place great efforts into caring for their physical body often feel as bad or worse than the people who do nothing to take care of their bodies? We do not encourage you to eat what you want
or become carefree with your body, but all the care available is not enough to help you achieve optimum health.

The key to health and wellness in the modern age that we live in is detoxification. I am not talking about the commonly understood forms of detoxification, I am talking about TBA detox. The fact is, when nutritional elements reach a certain point of imbalance, the body becomes adaptive to toxins that begin to accumulate in the tissues and this inhibits the normal actions and functions of those tissues. These toxins cannot be avoided. They come from the foods we eat, the things we drink, the air we breathe, our environment, medications, vaccinations, other people, dental work, surgeries, not to mention what we inherit from our parents! Identifying and detoxifying the specific toxins lodged in the tissues of your body is what makes health achievable. TBA is able to do that and it uses remedies of electromagnetic signatures (homeopathic) which is one of the most effective remedies against these modern toxins.

In addition to TBA Remedies I also strongly suggest that my clients  do a deep tissue cleanse as regularly as they are able using Cleanse For Life.  The frequency may vary from person to person and this will be discussed during your consultation.

Symptoms and diseases are only manifestations of accumulated toxins. Most nutritional imbalance is not as much from deficiency as it is from toxins that interfere with the body's ability to absorb or metabolize the nutrition. Drugs and surgery do not address this underlying issue  and that is why they do not produce results. There are many forms of detox on the market, but only TBA Programs get to the root of the problem.

*(Source:  Dr. Reuben DeHaan, Health Care Ministries International)

This special liquid dissolves chemicals of all kinds by breaking the chemical bonds into non-harmful molecules. Two or three drops in any beverage, hot or cold, will neutralize chemicals, microbes or harmful agents which might be in the beverage. You don’t have to buy water or purchase expensive filtering units; five drops will purify up to one gallon of water*.
Therapeutically, 10 drops placed directly in the mouth at least once each day will help the body detoxify chemicals, especially if they are in the blood or lymphatic system.

Chemicals are in everything. It is impossible to avoid them all. We suggest therapeutic doses to help eliminate any accumulations coming from toothpaste, additives, preservatives, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and many other daily exposures.

It also works wonders when used topically on insect bites, cuts and bruises, or any skin blemish. If you’re not sure what to do, use Liquid Detox!

Liquid Detox dramatically enhances healing of burns when immediately applied topically.
It neutralizes insect and spider bites and stings, as well as poison ivy when applied topically.

Apply Liquid Detox externally on any area that may need detoxification (bite, wound, sting, etc.) as often as needed.

You may also place a full Tablespoon (or two) in a bath and soak in it for fifteen minutes to help pull toxins out through the skin. The more you use in the bath the better.

You can also place several droppers in water to make a cleansing solution for colonics or high enemas.

Put at least two drops in any substance that you drink, hot or cold, to neutralize any chemicals, microbes or harmful agents that might be in that drink. Even filtered water and bought spring water should be treated. A couple of drops will purify up to a gallon of water and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Therapeutically, one teaspoon used one to four times each day (depending how severe your issue is) will work as a general disinfectant (natural antibiotic). Therapeutic use is most effective when placed directly in the mouth, not in water.
What does Liquid Detox Do?

  • It increases cellular permeability allowing for higher uptake of available nutrients.
  • It assists in the formation of healthy RNA and DNA (needed for all healthy cells).
  • It increases enzyme activity by inhibiting toxic agents that block natural enzyme activity.
  • It provides compacted micro-size solar energy formulated inside living cells.
  • It acts as an electrolyte restoring electrical potential to cells.
  • It provides general electrical balance to the body.
  • It acts as an antioxidant.
  • It acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic if therapeutic doses are used.
  • It increases the oxygen consumption of cell tissues. (Cancer, and most diseases, thrive where there is oxygen lack.)
  • It can dismantle or absorb toxins such as herbicides, pesticides, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, radioactive pollutants, poison from insects and other environmental toxins.

Many people want to know what the ingredients of Liquid Detoxify are, but there are none to list. Liquid Detox is created in a process where special water is run through a machine that charges the molecules of water with organic minerals and an electromagnetic signature that gives it the wonderful attributes that it has. The water is then run through a process that gives it a very special frequency charge.

One bottle:  $39.95
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The Magic of Liquid Detox
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