TBA does not diagnose disease.
TBA specializes in identifying the cause of your symptoms and diseases then creates a custom program designed to eliminate that cause.
Understanding A Total Body Analysis (TBA) Consultation
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The information transmitted to and from every cell of your body is done through a complex network called the neurological system. This means that your neurological system knows exactly what is wrong with you at all times. More importantly, it knows why your particular symptom or disease has developed – it knows the cause! Kinesiology is one of the only evaluation techniques able to distinguish information traveling along the neurological system. As a Certified TBA Practitioner, I have been trained to combine the most advanced forms of kinesiology with a protocol that identifies the cause of any symptom or complaint you may have. TBA can tell you what the weakest areas or functions of your body are and why they are weak. It can also tell you what toxins might be accumulated in your body and what tissues or functions are being negatively affected by them. Whatever your complaint, no matter how acute or chronic, TBA can help you find the cause.

A TBA program supercedes any other program for several reasons. The most important is that a TBA program is custom made for each individual to correct the cause of the problems identified in the evaluation. The ultimate goal in a TBA program is not only to relieve your symptoms, but to achieve complete healing. This is done by correcting the cause of the symptom. TBA uses the information acquired from the evaluation to create a custom, homeopathic remedy. A typical program includes one or two homeopathic remedies custom made for you. Each remedy is designed to balance or support areas of the body identified to be dysfunctional. The remedy also works to antidote any toxins that might have been inhibiting the body's natural ability to heal. We are all born with the miracle of healing, we just have to remove the inhibiting factors.

Symptom relief should occur as a result of eliminating the cause, but symptom relief does not indicate complete healing. Healing occurs when the body is detoxified and there is enough cellular energy available to initiate new, healthy cells. How long the toxins have been accumulating in your body, how damaged your systems have become from lack of care and how dedicated you are in following the recommended diet, lifestyle and supplement program all play a part in how long it might take for you to get well. The majority of clients claim relief between one and five days of beginning their program.

If you have a new TBA program created every four to six weeks until the main issues are resolved, you will be ready for maintenance. Most people are ready for maintenance evaluations within two to four visits. The red blood cells change every 120 days, so maintenance is generally recommended every three months to keep the body detoxified and balanced before issues arise.

COST of a TBA Consultation is $150 for the Initial Consultation.  Follow-Up visits are $85.  If it is not possible for you to visit me, you may opt for a distance consult.

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