Most common causes of health issues.
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Following are the toxin categories that tend to accumulate in the body and cause or greatly contribute to all pain, sickness and disease. There is no incurable disease. If the toxin is identified and eliminated with a TBA Program, the body will create new, healthy tissues (rejuvenate).

Toxin Categories
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Chemical toxins can include anything from household cleaning products to personal hygiene products, but ranges all the way the grease and oil a mechanic handles all day, to the gases that factory workers endure to agent orange.

Food origin toxins can be additives, preservatives, colors, fillers, pesticides, herbicides, dyes and genetically modified particles. Any food that is processed, fortified or found in any way other than the way nature created generally has toxins or a toxic reaction when introduced to the body.

Environmental toxins. Many of us don’t have a choice in the air that surrounds us (smog and pollution), but how many of us choose to make an already toxic air worst by smoking cigarettes, bug repellants, weed killers and all the runoff of chemicals from farmlands into our soil and drinking water. The fluoride that city water has in it is a chemical too. All those chemicals people put in their houses and office buildings to make it smell better (does "plug it in, plug it in" sound familiar?) are toxic chemicals. Did I mention Chemtrails? You might want to google that word.

Cosmetic toxins are absorbed through the skin from cosmetics, toothpaste, tattoos, soap, shampoo.

Medication and narcotics (over-the-counter, prescribed or illegal). Yes, from over the counter cough medicine and aspirin to prescribed morphine, it is all toxic.

Metal toxins come from toxic fillings, contaminated water, vaccinations and jobs where skin exposure to metal of any kind is continual.

Injected toxins come from standard vaccinations in children, the flu shot, the Novocain at the dentist office, epidurals or those vaccines required in the armed forces or that missionary trip. The toxins from any and all vaccinations are extremely poisonous and harmful, especially to immune function and brain development.

Pathogens include but are not limited to parasites, bacteria, fungus, and viruses of all kinds. You don’t have to go to Mexico or some third world country to get them; the most dangerous ones are the ones that work without anyone knowing about them. The common house fly is said to carry as many as 2,000,000 microbes! I guarantee everyone has some of these babies. It's just a matter of where in the body they are and what damage they are creating. Parasite photos -see some of your squaters.

Arthropod include any toxin originating from a bite or sting (mites, ticks, mosquitoes, etc). This happens much, much more than you would think. Don't limit this category to lyme disease and bubonic plague.

Structure/Surgery toxins are acquired from routine mole removals to complex brain surgery to standard root canal procedures. Did you know that scar tissue is one of the most common hosting areas for parasites and other pathogens?

Electromagnetic toxins can come from computers, power lines, exposure to radiation or microwaves or any electronic source.

Emotional toxins become a problem when the body must cope with an issue rather than finding a loving solution to it.

Spiritual toxins. A future book will cover this in detail.

Inherited toxins. Chapter two of Book 01 covers this in detail.
  • Arthropod toxins (things that bite or sting)
  • Structural/surgical toxins
  • Old injuries/traumas
  • Electromagnetic toxins
  • Emotional toxins
  • Spiritual toxins
  • Inherited toxins

  • Chemical toxins
  • Food origin toxins
  • Environmental toxins
  • Cosmetic toxins
  • Medication/narcotic toxin
  • Heavy Metal toxins
  • Injected toxins
  • Pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, parasite)

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