Homeopathy is actually considered a pharmaceutical science. The science of homeopathy was founded in the early 1800s by a German physician and chemist by the name of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. There were no pharmacies or chemical laboratories at that point in history (leeches and blood letting were considered science), so physicians learned how to derive their medicines from nature. While doing research into the toxicological effects of the medicines of his time, Dr. Hahnemann discovered that specific dilutions of a substance would remove the symptoms that would have been induced by use of the actual substance. Initial testing was done on healthy volunteers. A homeopathic remedy, or dilution, of the actual substance, was introduced to a volunteer to discover the symptoms it was capable of producing. This was called a proving. Participants in a proving record their symptoms; the symptoms are collated and used as therapeutic indications for prescribing that substance. A homeopathic can only cause temporary symptoms, it cannot cause the actual chemical reaction the substance itself might have produced. And so homeopathy is based on the theory of “Likes are Cured by Likes.” If one dilution (potency) causes the symptoms, another dilution will correct those same symptoms.

Physicians who practiced homeopathy had a success rate that was much higher than modern medicine as we know it today. Interestingly enough, homeopathic medicine used to be the primary form of treatment in the United States. The most prestigious medical schools from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s were homeopathic. The first medical association was the American Institute of Homeopathy, not the AMA. Once the AMA was created, it was funded primarily from paid advertisements from pharmaceutical companies. Simply put, allopathic medicine created better income incentives offering free samples and endorsement fees to the most prominent doctors. Even though the medical system in the US does not promote or even condone homeopathic medicine today, other industrialized nations readily use and accept it as a primary source of treatment. It is widely known that the right homeopathic can relieve a symptom faster than a medication without the side effects and physical hazards that medications produce. Perhaps that is why the British Royal Family employs a full time homeopathic physician.

What is a Homeopathic?
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What is a Homeopathic?
When you dilute a substance by a certain ratio and then succuss (briskly bang) the results, the molecules are transferred and you have a homeopathic. Homeopathics are generally made from herbs and minerals. There are two classifications of homeopathics, classical and complex. We will be creating and using complex homeopathics with the Remedy Maker. Complex homeopathics are remedies generated by electronic methods, while classical remedies are made by manual dilution (yes it takes a long time). Technology has improved to such a degree that master samples such as those found in the Symptom Kit have been made and can be transferred into remedies electronically. This allows the individual to make unlimited amounts of any remedy. People who practice classical homeopathy have little respect for complex homeopathy as it is not the traditional method. But people who practice drugs and medication have little respect for either. Respect should not be the goal - results and help for humanity are much more important.
How Fast will a Homeopathic Remedy Work?
Each case is individual, but if you pick the right remedy for the right condition, positive results can be expected within minutes and often seconds of taking the remedy. When a homeopathic remedy is placed in the mouth, the information is picked up by the sublingual nerve pathways around the tongue. The information is then transmitted at the average nerve speed of 200 M.P.H. throughout the body so the remedy reaches all 100 trillion cells of the body within a matter of seconds. A very nice advantage to homeopathic medicine vs. drugs and medication, which often take days or weeks to reach a level that produces relief.
Are antibiotics, medications or vaccinations more effective than a homeopathic?
We are born and trained in a society whose mindset is placed in trust for what the medical society has established as the health standard. If someone offers you advice, you only follow it if you have seen evidence in track record. This has earned your trust. If you don’t have pre-established trust, you ask questions. It is sad to say that the third leading cause of death is actually treatments or therapies utilized in the medical community. The first two causes of death are diseases which some say are highly promoted or caused by certain practices promoted by the same medical community. If even half of this is true, why do we have such faith and trust in what the medical establishment has set as “health care”?

Now to answer the question, we all know that modern treatment of any kind is based on suppression of the symptom rather than cure. Modern medicine does not believe the body can regenerate. Homeopathic medicine works exactly the opposite by inducing the body’s own ability to heal. All natural medicine does, for that matter. Even without medical training, it seems no more than logical that natural remedies should far supersede the effectiveness of any drug, antibiotic or surgery. In terms of results, all natural medicine is not created equal. Because natural medicine tends to address the cause of the problem and the cause is different and unique for each person, you can’t cookie cut natural therapies and programs as you might a drug therapy whose only task is to suppress the symptom at hand no matter what the side effect or health hazard. Taking all of this into consideration, if you get a homeopathic remedy, results will be produced faster than any drug or antibiotic because natural remedies induce the healing potential of the body. In the worst case scenario, a homeopathic will not be effective and you can still fall back to the medication or surgery you were previously considering. Thus it is a win-win situation.
Original vs. Modern Homeopathics
There are two classifications of homeopathics, classical and complex. Complex homeopathics are remedies generated by electronic methods, while classical remedies are made the original way, by manual dilution as described with the arsenic sample above. Yes it takes a long time. Technology has improved to such a degree that master samples such as those found in the TBA Kits` have been made and can be transferred into remedies electronically. People who practice classical homeopathy have little respect for complex homeopathy in most cases, but people who practice medication have little respect for either. Respect should not be the goal -results and help for humanity are much more important. Homeopathy is under attack, like most alternative practices, because it does not have medical regulations. That generally means that it helps people without compensation to the pharmaceutical companies.

One of the advantages to complex homeopathy is that we can combine ingredients to make custom remedies. Classical homeopaths strictly believe that the right single remedy should do the trick. If that works for others, that is fine, certainly nothing wrong with it, but the body is currently fighting more than 100,000 toxins and poisons it was never intended to have to battle. The way I will be describing use of the classical kit allows you to combine a classical remedy with a body part, nutrient or toxin so that the body gets particular information on what to do with the remedy used.
What is the potency of a homeopathic?
Homeopathics are generally made from plants, minerals and poisons. The strength of a homeopathic remedy is generated according to the number of times it has been diluted and succussed during the preparation process. The words diluted, succussed and potentized are often used interchangeably. Potency is represented as a number attached to a remedy name. You will see something like “12x” or “30x”. You don’t generally find letters other than “x” for retail sale, but homeopathy also uses the letters “c” and “m”.

The traditional way of making a homeopathic medicine would be as follows: Let’s say that you wanted to make a homeopathic of the poison arsenic. You would obviously need a small sample of the item you want to antidote. Along with the sample of arsenic, you will need some pure water and several very clean, small glass bottles (one ounce is a good standard) with a secure top that will allow for vigorous shaking. If possible, some pure alcohol, ethanol is the purest, but most people use vodka, is added to the water as a natural disinfectant. Not much, perhaps 5 to 10 percent of your solution. Fill one of your ounce bottles about 9/10ths of the way with your water/vodka solution. Now let’s take a very small sample of the arsenic and place it in the water. Place the cap on your bottle, take the sample and bang it against the palm of your hand at a rapid pace about 50 times. This is called succussion or trituration.

The movement produced in succession forces the molecules of arsenic to spread into the molecules of water. Shaking will not achieve the same process; you must succuss the remedy. The amount of the original substance in a homeopathic remedy is reduced by the decimal scale and is indicated by a number and the letter (“x”, “c”, “m”). The initial dilution we made in the example would be 1x. If you ingest a 1x potency, you are still getting the actual substance in the remedy. If you take a drop from that bottle with the sample of arsenic that has been succussed and place it in a new bottle of water with vodka, you will have 2x after succession. Continue to repeat this process, taking one drop out of the last sample made and placing it into pure water/vodka or a mother solution and the numbers will continue to increase. A 3x potency means there are three parts of the remedy with nine parts of water. A “c” would mean there is one part of the original substance with 99 parts of water. An “m” means there is one part of the original substance with 999 parts of water.
Homeopathy follows rules set in quantum physics, not chemistry.
Most of us are first trained in basic chemistry which logically assumes that the higher the dilution of any substance, the less potent it will become. This is true if you do nothing but straight mixing. When you succuss an agent, the memory of all the properties in that agent, or item, become ingrained in the molecules of water. It is interesting that by 6x – 8x, chemical analysis generally finds no traces of the original substance, arsenic in this case. The remedy is purely energetic. The higher up the decimal scale we go in homeopathy, the stronger the remedies get. In other words, the more diluted, the more effective they become.

You can see that lack of understanding in the field of energetics would make people very skeptical of homeopathy. High potencies (C range and M range) remedies can create critical symptoms if one does not know how to use them properly. On the flip side, homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe. While a remedy or medication might create horrible side effects, the wrong homeopathic in a high dose would only initiate symptoms for a short time. Symptoms brought on by a homeopathic, often referred to as a healing crisis, is not initiated by a chemical reactions but immune responses. This is not harmful to the body, so the worst case scenario with homeopathic remedies is no help at all. You cannot harm the body.
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