What is kinesiology? 

Kinesiology is the strength challenge of a given muscle. If you went to the average kinesiologist, which is most often a Chiropractor or certified health practitioner, you would be asked to hold your arm up at a 90 degree angel from your body. Most practitioner’s have you sit or stand, some have you lay on a table. The practitioner would apply about 5 pounds of pressure to establish that the muscle being challenged would hold strong with the challenging pressure. The arm is the most common muscle used, but any muscle will work for the kind of analysis we are discussing. There are a variety of modalities that incorporate a form of kinesiology, but I am painting a picture of one of the original, most basic, yet I believe most used even today.

People who want to gain physical muscle strength work out regularly, but muscle strength is actually the by-product of electrical activity in the body. Technically speaking, the strength of each muscle reflects the health (electrical activity) of the physiology it represents, but that is not relevant for what we are trying to learn at this point. The reason I mention this is because muscle bound people often come in wondering why I think I will ever get their arm down (I’m not a large person). Of course they are astonished and I generally have to repeat the process many times before they get over the phenomenon that I over powered one of their muscles. My illustration indicates that brute force developed by strength training (working out) is only as good as the electricity running through the body. The higher the electrical activity (electrons whirling) the stronger a muscle will be. Of course, physically working out, in terms of strength training, does nothing to increase the electron movement in the body. That is why I indicated earlier that every cell is like a mini generator. This information is relevant because once you identify a strong indicator muscle, all the person you are testing has to do is touch an item that has a negative effect on their electrons and the strong indicator muscle will become weak. It happens in a 40 fraction of a second. As fast as you can touch the negative item and retest the muscle, it will have created weakness. Why does this occur? Touching the item simply causes a temporary short circuit because it influences the speed or the whirling electrons. We see everything as matter, but we need to start thinking of everything in terms of energy. Any energy that is not health promoting will create a short circuit. The severity of the short circuit is determined by how bad the item you are exposing yourself to is, or more accurately, how well your body can adapt to the energy. Unfortunately adaptation is a combined effort of the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  The way I explained it in a workshop is:

“The fact is that every event, situation or circumstance is filtered through the spirit (connection to the Creator), the mind (perception of all previously accumulated knowledge and emotion) and the body (ability for the physical body to sustain the effect of the spirit and the mind). The outcome of filtered events that we experience determines how well the body is able to adapt to the stress of the event. This is what determines whether the experience destroys neurons and adds to the factors that will ultimately cause or contribute to further spiritual enlightenment or just one more factor that leads to a state of illness and disease.”

If we are in touch with our inner most being, the sixth sense, intuition, or whatever you want to call it, you should feel a response that occurs on the electromagnetic level. It is occurring in each of us, so the only thing that needs to change is our sensitivity level with it. The highest goal is to become tuned to what is really happening in our body, or become sensitive enough to feel the subtle changes happening on the electromagnetic level. We have clearly seen that what happens on the electromagnetic level, the “electro” governs the “chemical” reactions. Modern medicine and society in general has conditioned us to believe that we need elaborate tests run to be able to find the health problems, but this is not the case at all. On its best day, medicine is lucky to find the chemical reactions, but kinesiology can identify the problem, when it is at its “electro” stage, before it catapults into a chemical reaction that creates terrible symptoms, or worst! Since we are no longer trained to be sensitive to what happens on the electromagnetic level of our being, kinesiology is the tool that allows us to get the answers needed. In one sense, kinesiology is simply a method of amplifying the response occurring on the electromagnetic level. When a kinesiologist finds a weakness, let’s say the muscle becomes weak, the weak external muscles represent something happening on a deeper, more subtle level. It would be great if we all learn the principles and skills needed to become tuned to our inner selves, but while we do that, kinesiology can fill the gap and supply much needed answers. All kinesiologists are not alike, by any means, and the protocol used will have a lot to do with the results achieved. But in terms of ability to identify information occurring on the electromagnetic level, kinesiology is the absolute best, most accurate evaluation form available to mankind. No man-made machine can beat its potential if the protocol is good and the practitioner is well trained.
What Is Kinesiology
The following information was produced and created by Dr. Reuben T. DeHaan c/o Health Care Ministry International, Book 04
Why Does Kinesiology Work?

Mastering Health, by Reuben T. DeHaan explains that “an electron remains in its state of orbit around the nucleus as long as it is not disturbed. If any outside force acts upon the atom, the electron can change to another quantized orbit.” Remember that the electron whirling around the nucleus at a certain speed creates a magnetic field. If you change the speed of the electron, the frequency, the wavelength of the magnetic field changes. We know that electricity creates a magnetic field (oscillation created by the whirling electrons) and through induction, this magnetic field can influence objects nearby. A visual of this occurs if you take a strong magnet and inch it toward a pile of small nails. You can be some distance from the nails before they will be pulled toward the magnet. In this case, the magnet had the power of induction and influenced the nearby objects. The stronger the magnet, the further away from the nails it can be before the nails get pulled into the field. The same principle applies for the body. Everything in life has a magnetic field because of the electron movement occurring in that item. When two magnetic fields meet, they are each influenced by the other. This is why you are not to put magnets near your computer, especially a strong one; it can change the electromagnetic field in the components, and this will change or destroy the information in your computer.
What is the Power of Induction?

One must wonder what qualifies as a “disturbance” or “outside influence” that can change the orbit of the electron movement, which basically means altering the health of the cell. The answer is anything that has electrons moving in orbit around a nucleus. You guessed it, that’s pretty much any and everything. Everything is made of atoms, which means protons, neutrons and electrons or it would not be able to exist. Thus everything has a potential influence on the orbital pattern of the electrons in your body. People, food, supplements, your pet, family members, coworkers, jewelry, cleaning products; everything has its own electromagnetic field and is creating induction on its level. Electromagnetically hypersensitive people can simply be in close proximity of an item with a negative electromagnetic field and feel the response of induction as weakness in the knees, heart palpitations, depression, anger, or some other response that actually produces a physical symptom. As a matter of fact, we are all subjected to induction in the world around us, but we do not use our instinctive ability to be perceptive of the reactions that occur when we come into contact with other electromagnetic fields. Every living organism has an electromagnetic aspect, which means it all has a certain amount of induction occurring. Remember that energy is never destroyed, only changed, and now you know part of how that change occurs. The changes occurring in your body, the process of ageing and disease are accumulative reactions to the induction that has been occurring over the years. Those of you able to grasp the depth if this matrix-type reality no doubt see the awesomeness and intricacy of creation. Of course, the strongest induction force will always win in magnetism. The earth is magnetic and creates induction. Different geographical areas create different frequency patterns, so where you live may be positive or negative to your electromagnetic field. Anything that is electric, especially power lines and electronics with coils (hair dryer, refrigerator, etc,) creates a very negative induction for the body.

Because people are unique, even the people you hang around may have a negative induction response to your electromagnetic field. The final point of this book is to help you realize the importance of induction. Because we do not always feel it instinctively, I highly recommend you learn the method of kinesiology self-testing so you can find out if the changes occurring in your body are positive or negative. The foods, the places, the people, the music, everything creates induction and the person or item with the strongest electromagnetic field will influence the weaker fields.
Application of Kinesiology

Know one really knows where and when kinesiology really started, but a Dr. George Goodheart was the first to really begin documentation of what is currently known as Applied Kinesiology. This form eventually progressed into an evaluation/treatment form known as Touch For Health. This form of kinesiology is most commonly practiced by Chiropractors, but anyone who wishes to learn the form can. It involves isolation and strength challenge of very particular muscles in the body. Just as it is understood that external acupuncture points reflect the health of internal physiology, muscles have been typed and correlated to corresponding systems. Thus a strong indicator (specific) muscle in the strength challenge test would give a pretty fair indication of the balance or health of the correlating system. Touch for Health/Applied Kinesiology is an excellent evaluation tool, but as understanding in quantum physics and human electromagnetics has progressed, the potential of kinesiology has made the styles mentioned kind of old fashioned. When kinesiologists realized that touching one of the acupuncture points on the skin “changed the quantized orbit” of the electrons to create a positive or negative effect, they chose to touch the appropriate point and challenge the strength of the arm rather than test all the muscles individually. Thus Applied Kinesiology developed into point testing which was able to reveal more specific information than basic muscle challenges. It is more informative than Applied Kinesiology because point testing allows the practitioner to find the area of weakness, any nutritional elements that might be needed in that area of weakness and if the kinesiologist is trained in an advanced protocol such as TBA, they can also identify any toxic agents that might be accumulated in the tissues of the body. Kinesiology has progressed to methods where self testing can be done, but let’s start with a basic application of the more traditional form.

APPLICATION: Most kinesiologists use the deltoid muscle for their kinesiology evaluation because it is the most convenient. The deltoid is a shoulder muscle, so it is convenient and non- invasive. The tester placed a hand between the wrist and the elbow of the client and exerts about five pounds of pressure to see if the muscle is initially strong. You must start with a strong indicator muscle. When the strength of the muscle is identified, the practitioner would proceed by touching the many points documented for Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology and Disease Causing Agents (evidence of toxin accumulations). If there is a problem, the muscle that was previously strong will become weak when the corresponding point is touched and the strength of the arm is challenged again. When there is imbalance in the body, the current in the corresponding acupuncture point, or reflex point, will change. If it is anything other than normal, it short circuits when touched by the tester-an outside influence. With protocols such as TBA, even point testing is now considered old school because it only reveals information in the acupoints and meridians, but not the entire electromagnetic field.

Typically, if a kinesiologist wants to test the body’s electromagnetic response to something, that item is held in the hand or held against the body of the person being tested. You now know that the electromagnetic field of the person is simply reacting to the induction created by the item. If the arm goes weak, the effect of the item is negative on some level. That does not mean your throat is going to swell up and you will die. We are talking about electromagnetic levels. If you use that product or item, there will be a negative response on some level. If it is on a metabolic level, you will not feel the effect externally. The body will ultimately reveal the effect of the accumulated factors that have occurred over time though. After years of exposing yourself to foods, environments and emotions that are negative for the heart, to pick a system, the energetics which run through the heart meridian will eventually become faulty and the health of the tissue will show it. When a point is touched on the skin, the brain does not respond if there is no “hazard”, but if there is any potential “hazard” correlated with that point, the body will react with a voltage signal and this initiates the weak muscle. The voltage signal literally works as a non-invasive and non-harmful electric shock to the nervous system that short-circuits muscle strength for a fraction of a second. This neuron compatibility is the body’s way of monitoring the environment and helping to initiate immune response to antigens that may be of concern before they can fully activate or create damage in the body. These microshocks occur all the time, but we are not trained to feel them, which is why I stated that kinesiology is basically a form of amplifying the information for us.

People who have been trained in the medical profession and use modern equipment to identify weakness or disease in the body have a hard time with the level of simplicity that is incorporated in kinesiology. And that’s putting it nicely. The truth of the matter is that kinesiology is not accepted in the medical field, but the medical field is not open to the energetics of the body. I am not talking about the individual as much as the science of medicine, although most individual doctors fit this stereotype. Many of the people in the church get their information from people trained in the medical field rather than people trained in magnetics and quantum physics.
And so there are those in the church that utilize energy medicine like kinesiology and homeopathy but the majority scorn it and even label it as occult. Unfortunately, ignorance tends to settle more comfortably than truth. Perhaps that is why the Bible explains that “...a king must search out a matter.”

If you are interested in the how’s, why’s and protocols, I encourage you to read Book 2, Mastering Health, by Reuben T. DeHaan. This book is more about the underlying nature of the body that allows the energy that makes kinesiology possible at all.

SUMMARY POINTS FOR HUMAN ELECTROMAGNETICS -summary from Book 2, Mastering Health by Reuben T DeHaan

One hundred trillion impulses travel between your brain and your body each second. This is done with electrical impulses that travel along the nervous system; the energy is organized along pathways called meridians and surfaces along points called acupuncture points.

The brain monitors every condition in the body every trillionth of a second, thus the brain knows exactly what is wrong at all times.

Kinesiology is a method of accessing information from the brain

An EEG (electroencephalogram) can be used to monitor the electrical voltage produced by neurons or nerve cells in the brain.

There are neurons in the skin that have the same composition as those in the brain, thus anything that comes in contact with the skin is immediately communicated to the brain where neurons respond with a    voltage signal. Thus the arm goes weak or not in a kinesiological evaluation.

That same energy becomes distorted when a person is thinking negative thoughts, thus it is readable on the polygraph test (lie detector test).

The five stages of progression in a nutrient deficiency are:

1. Nutrient reserves in the body are depleted
2. There is a depletion of the nutrient from the body's tissues
3. The depletion causes biochemical changes which can be detected in blood or urine
4. Depletion causes functional changes internally, such as fatigue, gas, bloating
5. Depletion causes notable/visible manifestations such as changes in skin, skeleton, tongue, etc.

*Medical procedures cannot produce a diagnosis until level 4 or 5, but kinesiology can initiate a response from the brain and pick up on level 1.

The body is made of tissues, tissues are made of cells, cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms. The World Book Encyclopedia (Vol. 6 p 189) states that. "Everything around us consist of atoms. Atoms, in turn, are made of three main types of tiny particles: electrons, protons and neutrons. Both electrons and protons have an electrical charge. An electron has one unit of negative charge, and a proton has one unit of positive charge. A neutron has no charge. Protons and neutrons are heavier than electrons and are crowded into the nucleus, the central core of an atom. Electrons whirl around the nucleus."

Electricity is the movement of electrons or ions (which are charged atoms).

Electricity creates a magnetic field.

Through induction, this magnetic field can influence objects nearby. Quantum mechanics reveals that in an atom, tiny particles of negative electrical charge called electrons move in orbits around a nucleus of positive charge. An electron remains in its state of orbit as long as its atom is not disturbed. If any outside force acts upon the atom, the electron can change to another quantized orbit. This defines induction.

Einstein demonstrated that the core of all matter is energy; E=MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared). Thus all matter can be defined in terms of energy.

How many times an electron moves around its nucleus creates a vibration known as a frequency.

When testing a product against the body, we see that introducing any element into contact with the body simply introduces another frequency that acts upon the atoms in the body causing the electron movement to change (changing the quantized orbit) and the body reacts with miniscule electrical impulses that travel along the nervous system and can be interpreted as positive or negative responses. Thus a strong or weak muscle. Thus medical science views Kinesiology and other forms of alternative medicine as amateur and unscientific, when in reality we have jumped to a stage of science that is far beyond the empirical (experimental) base that modern science is based on.

Electromagnetics radiate outward to create the electromagnetic field (aura)

Kerlian photography and EAV machines can be used to test for these electromagnetic charges and changes in voltage in the body.

Thought energy also creates an electromagnetic response measurable and seen in the polygraph test, but it can also be interpreted with Kinesiology because of the changes created in atomic particles and photon signatures (wavelengths). The body can interpret these wavelengths as strong or weak by challenging any given indicator muscle.

All men have a like frequency (.0000026), all woman have a like frequency (.0000025), yet everything has a different vibration. Although two men have the same frequency, they look different because of a variation in the micronage. Twins have similar micronage, but independent thought and personality because they have a different milli micronage

If we all have a similar frequency, is it possible that we could "tune in" to each other and be able to feel what they feel, even feel what they are thinking?

We know that all matter is energy, but we have not been able to convert energy to matter. God is the energy that brings cations and anions together to create atoms, thus the base of all matter. And so God is in everything, the Creator of everything!

Surrogate testing is simply the use of one person as a jumper cable to transfer electrical impulses.

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