The Footbath Detox System generates a field of highly-charged ions that flow throughout the body negating free radicals, energizing and stimulatiing cells to release toxins through osmosis.  Over time, cellular energy is reserved and balance is brought back to the body.  Since everybody is different at different times, each experience is unique.  Toxins not released during the session are released into the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally.  The process, peritoneal dialysis, is safe and medically approved.
Ionic Foot Detox Bath
Each 30-minute session includes the use of salts as an electrolyte with the ion array in the warm footbath.  Benefits from the Ionic Footbath may include:  increased energy, oxidation of cells and improved circulation; decreased recovery time from disease and injury, reduction of pain, edema, inflammation, joint stiffness and stress; relief from headaches and fatigue; whole body detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, and removal of heavy metals.  Other benefits may include normalization of sleep patterns, clearer complexion, strengthening of the immune system and increased energy.

Recommended use: 2-3 times per week for four weeks, then reduce to once a week for four weeks.  Thereafter, once or twice per month as a maintenance program.
The Services listed below are like ordering off a menu from a Five Star Restaurant.  They are unique.  They are meant to help you redefine your health by providing you with solutions.  They are safe and non-invasive.

Most of them are also "kid-friendly".   So take a look and pick out which one(s) you would like to explore and use to begin redefining your health or the health of someone in your family.  Children respond so wonderfully to these services and to the suggested protocols.  Please feel free to call or email me if you would like my advice on which menu items may be best suited for your individual health needs. 

Remember, the body is set up to heal itself given the right tools.  These services are designed to identify those tools.

Treatments Utilizing Various Frequency Machines:
TBA (Total Body Analysis) takes a very different approach to health and healing. TBA is a system born out of the need to help people achieve wellness. Many people are looking for alternative answers today, but there are so many options. New techniques and therapies are being introduced all the time. Some incorporate nutritional (diet, lifestyle & supplements), some are designed to initiate internal healing through external stimulation (acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology) and there are many programs designed to cleanse the body. These can all produce results on their level, but none of these address the cause and bring the body to a place where it will truly heal. Rather than using a specific technique or therapy, TBA focuses on eliminating the cause of the symptom. No matter what the disease, complaint or illness, if you eliminate the cause, then the body will self-heal. We are all born with the miracle of healing, it is part of the DNA in every living thing. That potential doesn't do us any good unless we learn how to activate it by eliminating those factors that hinder our God given miracle.

TBA Takes The Guesswork Out Of Health Care
How Is TBA  Able To Find The Cause?
Finding the cause of the problem is the main component to activating our healing potential. TBA uses a very advanced form of kinesiology. As a Certified Practitioner I have more than one thousand samples of various antidotes. Through a precise protocol, I am able to find the primary systems that are out of balance, then track those to a series of antidotes that represent every probable cause. That includes viruses, bacteria, parasites, genetics, a previous trauma, and much more. (toxin categories)
TESTING: Whether you are a successful practitioner in a different modality, an inquisitive parent desiring to care for your family or someone who needs answers to health challenges, the TBA system will give you information you would never be able to attain unless the body itself could speak! Everyone will benefit from a protocol that is able to find the cause of the complaint or disease and you will be astonished at the things that show up as “the cause of the problem.” Even those with decades of practice are amazed at the information attainable with the TBA system!

  • The system does not require electricity, so works anywhere in the world.
  • Find weaknesses or accumulated toxins before they cause symptoms or diseases.
  • Find the cause of current health issues.

TREATMENT: If being able to identify the cause of any pain, sickness or disease is not enough, would it excite you if you could also correct that cause as well? Each sample vial in the TBA kits is specially imprinted with a very powerful electromagnetic version of the item listed on the label. You might say that the contents of each vial will act to antidote the item listed on the label. Imagine the ability to create custom remedies for the exact problem or complaint. Talk about one-of-a-kind! Did I mention the results? Balance the body and see visible results under live blood cell analysis in less than one minute.

Total Body Analysis
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